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This Hand-Held Laser Makes Rust Literally Evaporate. Imagine how easily you could fix your rusty old car with this amazing laser blaster.

Vintage Clothes – Hints and Tips for Cleaning Vintage Clothes. How to hand wash vintage textiles. Rust and mildew stain removal. …

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The mobile phone has been a huge magnet for invention and a window on modern technical achievements. This fascinating progress is presented below through the careful selection of the mobiles that were the first to hit a technology mile-stone.

Vintage Food Trucks is your one stop shop for your mobile catering business. We find and hand pick unique vintage vehicles that will suite your requirements.

May 20, 2013 · On a recent trip to North Carolina my wife and I had stopped at an antique store where i found a few decent Stanley Bailey hand planes. For those of …

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Going back as far as 1890, the Vintage Port Site is the number one resource for information on Vintage Port and the years in which it was produced in the Douro Valley.

Vintage Calculators: old mechanical & electronic calculators; british hand-held & desk; british sterling currency £sd calculators; comptometers; photographs showing the old technology including early integrated circuits and delay line memories; collector showing pictures of collection from many years of collecting.

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This page features early Sharp “COS” LCD calculators. Sharp was one of the pioneers of LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) calculators. The company’s “COS” (Crystal on Substrate) technology is a method of manufacture used in the early Sharp LCD calculators where the LCD is formed directly on a glass circuit board substrate (see Facit 1106, below) on

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Metal Detectors and Wood Preservatives. Call our friends at for Garrett hand-held metal detectors. Call (888) 817-7600 toll free to order or (304) 445-7600.

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