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15 Things About Batman That Make No Sense. He’s a trustworthy team player! He’s an unreliable, paranoid loner! Some things about the Dark Knight just don’t add up.

Common Sense Media editors help you choose Best Teen Movies. Make teens an offer they can’t refuse with these five-star films.

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25 Hilarious Memes That Show Riverdale Doesn’t Make Sense Anymore. As Riverdale progresses, the show continues to make less and less sense. What better way to exemplify this than a good old meme.

Learn how to make the Wordless Book and Bracelet. Print instructions for sharing the gospel using the colors green, black, red, white and yellow.

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President Trump made no sense Wednesday when he blamed strained US-Russian ties on special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe. “Much of the bad blood

More than ever before, advertising and entertainment are inextricably linked. Advice from Common Sense Media editors.

We do have data on some of the most popular -rearing techniques, and we have got to say — it doesn’t look great

April 18, 2018 Dallas Cowmans: Why Trading Down Might Make Perfect Sense [Opinion] Why might trading down be the best move for the Cowmans to make …