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Plenty of stupid jokes on the net, so we grabbed what we could and made them a category believe it or not. This is the most stupid joke collection you will ever come across – and there have been some real hum dinger stupid joke collections.

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That’s nice, yeah? Well, consider it the oasis in a speech that was otherwise rife with jokes about dicks and dick-related things. Not that we’re complaining; it’s what Stern does, after all, and it most certainly suits the beer-and …

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Jimmy Kimmel Opened the 90th Academy Awards on Sunday night by making penis jokes while acknowledging Hollywood’s sexual harassment scandals, taking several shots at President Donald Trump, dinging the entertainment industry problem with equal pay, and pushing gun control politics.

The Best Jokes about Penises There is a little man and a little teen in the woods. The little teen asked the man, “What is a penis?” The man replied, “I don’t know.”

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In comedy, a dick joke, penis joke, balls joke, cock joke or a knob joke is a joke that makes a direct or indirect reference to a human penis (known in slang parlance as a dick), also used as an umbrella term for dirty jokes.

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