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Teenager with Tourette’s is filmed reading Three Blind Mice aloud but can’t get through it without shouting, swearing and HITTING himself in the face

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Mice homozygous for the Apoe tm1Unc mutation show a marked increase in total plasma cholesterol levels that are unaffected by age or gender. Fatty streaks in the proximal aorta are found at three months of age.

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Directed by Michael Relph. With Alfred Marks, Sidney James, Dora Bryan, Dick Bentley. WW2 British entertainment troupe bring comedy and chaos to North Africa.

Life On Mars? by David Bowie song meaning, lyric interpretation, video and chart position

Health hazards of the alkyl or volatile nitrites (aka “poppers”). Poppers, alkyl nitrites, amyl nitrite, butyl nitrite, isobutyl nitrite, AIDS, Kaposi’s sarcoma, toxicities.

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Hemizygous MMTV-PyMT females develop palpable mammary tumors which metastasize to the lung. These mice have high penetrance and early onset of mammary cancer compared to other mammary tumor models.

We’re middle class and successful – so why are we as poor as church mice? By Helen Carroll for the Daily Mail Published: 17:03 EDT, 7 …