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Thanks to Jeanne Dickson for sharing her Bible class songs! I have created a flipchart for each new Moses song that is shown below.

Fun Teen Bible Study 102

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Your Leader Book has 3 sections: Summaries of each Bible lesson, followed by a page called “Practice Makes Perfect” – a recipe for running a good Bible study

What is theology? Why should I study it? Where do I begin? I really valued my time at Bible College – I went to find out all the answers I’d ever need – I realised there would always be questions but with a an applied theology I could with others and most especially with God’s help begin to find answers that would impact my life and those

These Bible games for teens and youth groups do more than entertain. They will teach Christian youth about the Bible and inspire their walk of faith.

Are you needing creative Bible study lessons for youth that are engagingand free?! We have located some of the best youth Bible study lessons, activities, games and more from all over the web!

The NIV Study Bible is the #1 bestselling study Bible in the world’s most popular modern English Bible translation—the New International Version.

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Fun Teen Bible Study 70

Visit this free Bible study resource site for Bible Puzzles. Suitable Bible Puzzles for all ages from adults to ren, s and teens. Bible Puzzles …

The NIV Bible for Teen teens, designed specifically for teens ages 13 to 18, is for real teenage teens with real lives.Packed with daily readings, highlighted promises of God, challenging insights, smart advice, and open discussion about the realities of life, this Bible is designed to help teen teens grow in faith, hope, and love.

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Teens can use games to learn the Bible. If your competitive teen doesn’t do well in the game, he’s motivated to study the Bible to improve his

Teen Bible study lessons on relationships Page 8: NEXT: Love Machines: The goal of this lesson is get s to realize: 1. The Bible is primarily a book about LOVE.